Sounds like Spring

Heyy guys, hope you’re all having a good day!

Ahh I’m sooo happy that it’s spring here in Australia! I have been looking forward to this for what feels like foreverrr and although it’s not going to get super warm and sunny for at least another month (sigh..) it’s just so nice knowing that it is spring and soon we can all be wearing t-shirts and shorts and having picnics and doing tons of other fun spring things… (I wrote a post about this last year which you can read here!)

I don’t know about you, but one of my most favourite things is finding new music and listening to songs that perfectly match my mood and what I’m doing… ahh it’s just such a good, satisfying feeling! To me, spring seems to inspire new beginnings, a need to create and be productive and of course you need some good music to go along with this! I seem to be always on the lookout for new songs and artists and although I know a lot of other bloggers post playlists and stuff, I just thinks it’s a really cool idea and it’ll be fun to share some of the songs I’ve been loving at the moment – maybe you’ll like some of them too1

This post has also been inspired by a couple f other things – recently, I was scrolling through spotify and I realised just how many songs I have that feature different fruit in their titles – there was at least three in each playlist! Alsoo, a little while ago me and my sister were hanging out in her room and she was playing me songs by a new artist she found and getting me to describe what I thought of them and, I guess, what sort of vibe they gave off and I don’t know, it was just really fun! Soo, here is a list of my favourite fruity songs and a little description for each one so you know what they’re like and can see if it’s the sort of thing you’d enjoy too 🙂

Peach Pit – Peach Pit

When I first heard this song I thought is was a little too slow and depressing for me but it’s just really chill. It reminds me of heading home after a long day, maybe sitting on a train with shadows growing outside and slowly eating up the golden sky or pushing open the door to your house and realising that no-one else is home and just flopping down on your bed to watch the last rays of sun fade away…

(listen to this song here)

Strawberry Afternoons – Lonely Benson

You could hear this song drifting down the sun-laced cobblestone laneways of a little European town and you could follow it to find a tiny café with wooden floors and a gentle swirl of customers dancing to the music that never seems to end. You could play this song while picnicking in paris or in your local park and it even wouldn’t feel out of place in your room in the early morning as you go about your routine of getting ready for the day… This is a really easy-going song and, if you couldn’t tell, I really like it 🙂

(listen to this song here)

Peaches – In the Valley Below

This is the sort of song that you can put on late at night and just let it wash over you, saturating every part of you until you forget everything in a big sigh of relief. Or the sort of song you can play as you drive back from the beach, sunset behind you and memories tinted with sepia nostalgia floating through the air. Like a lot of the other songs on this list, it’s super chill and really easy to listen to, and if you think it sounds like your kinda song, go ahead and click the link down below, I promise you won’t regret it! 😊

(listen to this song here)

Banana Pancakes – Jack Johnson

Whenever I listen to this song, I always want to do exactly what is says – wake up late on a rainy day and stay in that warm cocoon of bed for just a little bit longer, watching the rain fall down outside and eating breakfast propped up against a huge pile of pillows. I’ve never actually had banana pancakes before (or breakfast in bed either haha) but this is the perfect song for all your lazy, pancake-filled mornings😊

(listen to this song here)

Apple Pie Bed – Lawrence Arabia

Roll down the windows, let the breeze in, go lay in the sun, find yourself a nice sandy beach under a bright blue sky and you will feel right at home with this song. If you’re in that sorta summery, warm yellow mood, click the link down below and whisk yourself away to a place where worry doesn’t exist and you can eat all the icecream you want

(listen to this song here – just a warning, the music video for this song is REALLY WEIRD! Maybe just scroll down to the comment section so you can still listen but not have to watch it…)

Strawberry Swing – Coldplay

Apparently this song can lower your stress levels by 50% – a fact that I don’t find too hard to believe! This is another super chill song but it’s also pretty upbeat and has a happy, breezy feel. It’s the sort of song that would be the perfect soundtrack to your thoughts as you plan your day or what you want to do over the summer or even some new blog post ideas – it always makes me feel optimistic and productive and, I don’t know, just happy and looking forward to everything.

(listen to this song here)

Cherry Wine – Hozier

Think cosy cafés, rainy days, endless cups of tea, snuggling under thick warm blankets, cuddling a cat and reading books in your favourite bookshop…. ah this song is like the definition of autumn, so for all you peeps up in the northern hemisphere I definitely recommend adding it to your playlist and getting ready to dream away the winter… however, if you listen more closely to the lyrics or watch the video down below, you will realise (like I did about two seconds ago) that this song is about domestic violence – I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, of course it isn’t, but it does add a darker, sadder edge to the music. It’s still a beautiful song though

(listen to this song here)




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