I’m Walking on Sunshine

Heyy guys! Hope you’re all having a good day wherever you are 🙂

Like the majority of people my age in the southern hemisphere I am still on holidays (yayy!) and am enjoying everything summer has to offer- loads of delicious fruit, relaxing, lots of warm, sunny days and of course the beach! Being around so much sun though got me thinking just how much I like it and how better it makes everything feel and all of the amazing things it does and I came to the conclusion that even though I love rainy days and being warm and cosy inside, I love the sun! So here is a little list of all best things about the sun for you to enjoy and to appreciate all the lovely things it can do while shining brightly above us…

The sun is a star

This is a pretty standard fact but it’s also pretty cool. Just think about it, 150 million kilometres away from us is a massive ball of burning hydrogen slowly fusing into helium and it seems so big and powerful to us but to the rest of the galaxy it’s just another tiny pinprick of light in the night sky amongst millions of others…

It’s warm and feels like a big hug

Have you ever walked out into sunshine after being inside for a while or after being a bit cold and just stood there, feeling the warmth sink into your skin to your bones and letting it warm you from the outside in? It feels so good, so relaxing and comforting yet so refreshing at the same time. If you haven’t, go outside right now. Go stand in the sun and let it wrap around you like a big warm hug

It’s beneficial for your body

Not only does sunshine feel amazing, it’s actually really good for your health. As you’ve probably heard before, sunlight helps us create Vitamin D, which is essential for healthy bones, supporting your immune system, preventing some forms of cancer and strengthening your teeth. Sunlight also lowers cholesterol and blood pressure levels and increase oxygen content in your blood – yep, it’s pretty good stuff!

It’s also great for your mind

I remember a while ago I was in the car with my dad and outside was this beautiful sunny day, you know the types with sweeping blue skies, not a cloud in sight and the perfect temperature of warm but not too hot. We were driving along and I remember him saying to me “days like this always make me happy, it’s just impossible to be sad on days like this” I totally agree with him, and it’s been statistically proven that sunlight does make you feel better!

Exposure to sun helps the release of the hormone serotonin, which is associated with boosting your mood and promoting a sense of calm and focus- and I think that’s pretty cool!

It creates amazing amount of energy

The future of renewable energy sources lies with the sun and solar energy – the sun produces more energy in one hour than humanity uses in an entire year.  Mind blowing, right? If we wanted, our all of our energy could come from the sun, and we would never have to worry about carbon emissions ever again!

It makes sunrises and sunsets

This is another pretty obvious one (I mean duhh what else could make sunrises and sunsets?) but I still think it’s cool to think that the big glowing ball of gas up there is responsible for painting the sky each morning and night and can create kaleidoscopes of dusty pink and apricot and sunflower yellow with deep indigo and red just by looking at the clouds. Think of all the magical moments that would be lost if the sun didn’t exist…

It makes everything look pretty

One of my favourite things to look at in the whole world is sunlight streaming through leaves. I just love the way it illuminates each gentle curve and edge of each individual leaf and how it makes them glow bright green. I also love the dappled shadows this creates that are perfect to sit under and read. The sun just makes everything look better- it makes sparkles on the ocean, it makes hair glow and shine and it fills rooms with natural light that is airy and spacious and beautiful. The sun is amazing.

Well that’s all for now, I hope you enjoyed reading about all the things the sun does while it glows way up above us- maybe you’re just about to go stand out in the sun or look at some leaves with the sun shining through! I need to try and get a song out of my head, the one that inspired the title of this post…. I’m walking on sunshine….

-Elise xx


10 thoughts on “I’m Walking on Sunshine

  1. alwaysblushingblog says:

    This post was beautifully written! I recently wrote about ‘Finding Joy’ in the little things, so this was perfect as it is a great attitude to have 🙂


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