Merry Christmas! (part two)

There’s two days until Christmas!!!! Aghhhh I’m sooo excited!!

This is the promised sequel to my previous post on all things Christmas to make and do – keep on scrolling to get even more festive-y (although if you’re not in a festive mood by now (howww couldn’t you be?!) then I’m afraid nothing will help!)

Make Christmas Origami

I really love origami. There’s something super satisfying about folding paper perfectly with crisp clean lines that then transform to reveal an object. And you get to use really cute paper! The two little projects I’ve listed here aren’t that hard and don’t take very long to do, so there is a minimal chance of them ending in frustration and paper being flung across the room (not very Christmassy!). So what are you waiting for? Get folding!

The Christmas Tree

This makes a really cute little tree that is perfect to put in the centre of a table to be surrounded by a Christmas feast or to use to decorate any other tables and shelves in your home.

  1. Pattern side facing up, fold the paper in half diagonally in both directions and unfold
  2. Turn the paper over and repeat, folding in half again but not diagonally this time
  3. Using the creases as a guide, bring all corners to meet at the bottom corner
  4. Look at the picture below to see how this should turn out!
  5. Fold the right outer edge of the top layer to the vertical line in the middle and unfold
  6. Using the crease you have made, open and flatten the flap to form a triangle
  7. Look at the picture below again to get an idea of how this should look1
  8. Turn the model over and repeat steps 5-6 on the remain flaps of the model
  9. Ensure there are an equal amount of flaps underneath and that the top and bottom layer are a whole patterned flap
  10. Fold along the crease ( look at the pic below if you need help!)
  11. Cut along the bottom crease
  12. Holding the model together, make three horizontal cuts on each side, close to the vertical centre line, at an equal distance from one another
  13. Starting on the right side, take the top layer and fold each cut section down to create a point. Repeat for each cut section of the remaining left and right layers
  14. You now have a finished Christmas tree! Yay!IMG_1522IMG_1528IMG_1534IMG_1536

The Lucky Star

These tiny little stars are super cute; I threaded some string through them and made a strand of bunting but you could use them to stick anywhere from Christmas cards to napkin rings (that was what was suggested in my origami book!). Since they are sooo tiny, you could cut the strips a bit wider to make them bigger.

  1. Divide and cut a sheet of paper into 1cm wide strips (like I said, you could make this a bit wider – for the bigger stars pictured below, I used 3cm). Stick three strips together to create one length
  2. Take one end and tie a knot, carefully pulling it tight and then flattening
  3. Tuck the end of the strip into the knot to form a pentagon
  4. Take the other end of the strip and wrap it around the knot. Continue wrapping around, gently creasing each fold
  5. Tuck the remaining strip into the pentagon – you might want to glue it down, so it doesn’t come loose
  6. Use your fingertips to gently press at the centre of each edge of the pentagon to form a star shape
  7. The star is finished! May it make all your Christmas wishes come true 🙂IMG_1537IMG_1542

IMG_1556Go Christmas light looking!

While I kinda think the lights at some houses are a bit over-the-top and overly extravagant, they sure do look pretty at night! Grab some friends or family and head out into the night to scout out the prettiest lights in your area. You could also go late night shopping in the city or town and then stay to watch the light displays there

Make Christmas cards or homemade gifts

You don’t have to be really good at art or super creative to do this one – there are lots of Christmas DIY gift ideas out there that require minimal effort and still look really good! To make Christmas cards, you could just stick on some pretty wrapping paper (or origami such as the stars!) and use things like glitter and ribbon to decorate it

Make a sandman!

I really wish I could wake up on Christmas morning to a gentle snowfall and frosty windows and go outside and make snowmen and go sledding and drink hot chocolate and cuddle up all day long buttt it happens to be the middle of summer here so I have to settle with the next best thing- a sandman! I’ve only made one before, but it was really fun and a good thing to do when you’re at the beach and are having a little break form swimming. Make sure you bring sunnies and a santa hat to use too!

That’s all from me for now, I hope I’ve inspired you with more ways to be extra Christmassy for this festive season. I still can’t believe Christmas is TWO DAYS AWAYYY!!!! I feel like jumping around with excitement all the time weeeee!!!

I’ll try to have another post up soon, probably after Christmas sometime (I’ve got some exciting news to share!)

Anyway, I wish  all you guys the best Christmas ever, make sure you have heaps of fun with your family and friends and don’t forget to eat lots of good food too!

-Elise xx




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